Today I went to jazz.

I wasn’t expecting to get out as early as I did, so I hung out outside of the school for a while. I could have waited for my ride inside, but waiting outside gave me more of an excuse to complain to my parents about how cold it was.

I guess there was a wrestling match going on while I was at the school. I don’t really understand sports in general, being a nonathletic girl, but wrestling makes the least sense to me. A bunch of boys in leotards go at it for as long as possible, shoving body parts into each other, somehow scoring points. I don’t care to watch it, if that isn’t clear enough.

I think a lot of boys do wrestling, thinking that they are super masculine and that they should be feared or whatever. They can pin other guys down. Woop-dee-doo. I understand that people can really hurt themselves when wrestling, but I think it’s pretty pointless.

While I was waiting outside of the school, I got to watch a bunch of wrestlers go in and out. Some people were having a hard time walking, others held themselves more confidently. It was pretty clear who the winners were. For a while, I sat with a jazz friend. I wasn’t paying much attention to my surroundings, until I heard a clanking sound walk around me. I turned around real quick to notice a boy in a wrestling suit, holding a cane.

The guy was blind.

My band friend and I sat there wondering how that works. How does that guy wrestle without getting completely obliterated? Ahh! I would love to know.

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